Saturday, May 4, 2013

Quarter 4, Weeks 7-9 (Final Post for SY 2012-13)

Reminder: Independent Reading activities will be accepted until May 17!  
Any other late work will also be accepted unitl May 17!

Quarter 4, Week 7                       
Monday, May 6
  1. Do Now: Latin Root Games! (Practice for End-of-Course Exam) 
  2. After: Hand-back graded materials and check out copies of next Book of the Month/Big Read title: The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury or Lord of the Flies by William Golding 
  3. Then: Student conferences 
  4. During: Complete Informal Editing of Short Story Rough Draft (use short story element list from side bar) or continue word-processing typed Short Story Draft 1
  • Finish Short Story Draft 1 and bring to class for editing on Thursday
  • Begin/Continue reading next BoM/Big Read selection
  • Sign-up for last BoM/Big Read activity by Friday, May 10
Tuesday, May 7
  1. (5 min.)Do Now: Journal entry predicting how each selected title will unfold based on title, background knowledge or early reading 
  2. (5 min.)Next: Introduce Literature Circles Activity
  3. (30 min.)After: 30 Minute SSR of chosen BoM/Big Read title annotating journal as Literature Circle Role
  4. (20 min.)Then: Small group discussion maintaining Literature Circle Roles- discussion director will determine focus of share-out 
  5. (10 min.)Finish- 2 minute share-out from each group
  • Finish Short Story Draft 1 for editing on Thursday
  • Continue Reading BoM/Big Read selection
Thursday, May 9 
  1. Do Now: Journal entry reflecting on what the greatest area of need is in revising your short story (which element) 
  2. After: Formal Short Story Draft 1 editing activity 
  3. Alternate Activity for students not finished the Short Story Rough Draft: Complete the draft
  • Finish Short Story Final Draft for next Tuesday IN CLASS!
  • Make sure to sign-up for BoM/Big Read activity by tomorrow!
  • Finish Reading BoM/Big Read selection and complete the chosen activity by May 17!
Quarter 4, Week 8                          
Monday, May 13
  1. Do Now: Journal entry reflecting on favorite activity from the year
  2. After: Gather portfolio materials/finish writing Short Story Final Draft
  • Finish Final Draft of Short Story
  • Bring portfolio materials to class (graded work from ALL quarters and a 3" window binder, see checklist on the right side bar)
  • Finish reading BoM/Big Read selection
Tuesday, May 14
  1. Do Now: Journal entry reflecting on most challenging activity of the year
  2. After: Portfolio Gathering/finish late assignments
  3. During: Film on Storytelling
  • Finish BoM/Big Read activity By Friday, May 17
  • Portfolios due IN-CLASS on Thursday (see checklist on the right side bar)
  • Finish any incomplete assignments by the LAST DAY FOR LATE WORK, May 17
Thursday, May 16
  1. Do Now: In your Journal, plan-out your short story reflection.  There are five paragraphs: introductionbody 1- done well, body 2- needs improvementbody 3- addressing the needs, and a conclusion.
  2. After Planning: Use a computer to type your formal reflection
  3. During: Checking Portfolios
  4. Bonus Activity: Parts of Speech Games!
  • Bring portfolio for End-of-Course Exam on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday
Quarter 4, Week 9                          
Monday, May 20
  1. Do Now:Begin End-of-Course Exam
  • Bring portfolio to finish End-of-Course Exam next period
Tuesday, May 21
  1. Do Now: Finish End-of-Course Exam
  2. After: Return Final Draft of Short Story
  3. Then: Reflection on SY 2012-13
Thursday, May 23
  1. Do Now: Year-in-Review
  2. Then: Clear materials/obligations
"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming 'WOO HOO what a ride!'" -Unknown

Letter To Students:
Honors Students,
Have a wonderful summer recess. I know the ending of the year felt much like the quote above, and you probably felt a bit like snoopy in the picture! I hope you learned some valuable things about yourself and about the literature through both the Big Read and Short Story, as well as all of the other activities you participated in throughout the year. Good luck in the rest of your educational endeavors, and remember that I will always be available as your teacher, editor, listener or shoulder- should you need it.
Sempiternum Quaerens,
Mr. Fisher

Monday, April 29, 2013

Quarter 4, Week 6

Monday, April 29
  1. Do Now: Quiz #29: ice, id/ide, lie/ly, ine, ion/sion/tion, ish, ism
  2. Then: Read "Short Story Writing Tip #5" document
  3. After: Respond in your journal about how this tip can help you improve your short story.
  4. Next: Focusing on Flashback, plot, inference in Halo: Homecomming
  5. During: draw plotline and identify as many parts of the short story as possible
  6. Time-permitting: rough draft writing
  • Complete rough draft of SS by class tomorrow
  • Complete S5 activity by Friday, May 3 (Thursday, May 2 if performance activity)
Tuesday, April 30
  1. Do Now: Reading about dialogue to improve the writing of dialogue in your short story
  2. Next: Peer Editing for short story elements
  3. After: Dialogue/Monologue workshop
  • Begin typed draft of short story
  • Finish S5 activity by Friday, May 3(Thursday, May 2 if performance activity)
Thursday, May 2
  1. Do Now: Exploring boundaries in Slaughterhouse Five (30 minute timed-writing on one of the following topics)
    • Discuss Vonnegut's use of light and darkness in at least three scenes in Slaughterhouse Five.  What inferences can be made about character, action, theme, and author's intent from scenes of light and scenes of darkness?
    • Discuss the ways in which Vonnegut has used elements of science fiction to highlight the ills of modern society and the perils of warfare.
    • Discuss types of humor Vonnegut uses to highlight serious modern issues.  Support your assertions by referring to several scenes and characters and analyzing their relevance to serious humor.
    • Discuss the novel's use of repetitions of words and images and its effect on the reader.
  2. Then: S5 performances (if necessary)
  3. After: Check-out The Illustrated Man or Lord of the Flies
  4. Next: Writing workshop
  • Typed draft of short story due next week
  • Begin gathering materials for portfolio (see side-bar for checklist)
  • Those who signed-up for independent reading may complete the activity for extra credit and turn in on or before May 17.
  • The last day for late work will be May 17.
  • Portfolios are due by May 16-17 in class
  • End of Course exam will take place during the last week of school.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quarter 4, Week 5

Mid-Quarter grades will be submitted on Monday, April 22.  Please check Edline after that date to see your current grade.
Monday, April 22
  1. Do Now: Quiz #28- ess, et/ette, fic, ful, fy, hood, ic
  2. Then: Review Short Story requirements and due-dates (listed in classroom)
  3. After: Review Plot (click here for graphic organizer)
Tuesday, April 23 Plan Testing
  1. Plan testing all morning- report to Advisory class at 7:50
  2. Assembly after lunch- report to gym after lunch bell
Thursday, April 25
  1. Do Now: Why does Vonnegut use time/space shifting in Slaughterhouse Five?
  2. Then: Timed writing assignment on worldviews in Slaughterhouse Five (I will be checking plotlines and character cards during the writing session)
  • Prompt: Analyze how Vonnegut exploits the 'blindness' in the British, American, Nazi and Tralfamadorian worldviews to maintain his ironic tone throughout the story. (30 minutes)
  1. After: Reminder to begin drafting Short Story
  2. Finish: Reminder of important due-dates